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It is interesting to see how hypertext has gone from being a grand possibility to a never-finished chore. --Ted Nelson

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I Ching/Yi Jing

Old Fogey's Guide to the Book of Change

version 2.6a

version 2.5

Of old it has been said that of all the records of the soul the Book of Change is among the most ancient and most holy.

It is also one of the oldest surviving examples of a hypertext document.

In 1995 I was able to find about a dozen I Ching/Yi Jing related web pages.
Most of them were links to the site that become facade.com.

Today Google tells us that there are more than five million I Ching/Yi Jing related web pages. You can wade through as much of that as you want, but it might be helpful to start out with these web sites.

I Ching Bookmarks

The I Ching on the Net

Yijing Dao

Yi jing The Chinese Classic of Changes

This version of the Yi jing focuses on the ancient poetic core.
Yi Jing Algebra

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