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It is interesting to see how hypertext has gone from being a grand possibility to a never-finished chore. --Ted Nelson

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Saturday, January 14, 2006


T A O : O A T

TAO : The Anarchy Organization

has become

OAT: Organizing Autonomous Telecomms.

are you involved with them somehow? i'm amazed by how long i've been seeing URLs with tao.ca in them. must be some sort of big deal.

i thought it was interesting-- ironic even-- that i was interested in your tagline at the top by Ted Nelson, so i went & Googled it so i could read it in context. it's ironic because the context is talking about how Xanadu would be a better idea because links wouldn't be so fragile-- but then here we have Google, taking me to this post-link place, where everything is effortlessly connected merely by quotation.

I believe that is the future. A small part of the future, I mean. The quotation-ness of things which have already been said will become obvious/integrated. We'll all be existing knowingly in giant webs of interconnected speech.

With all of this potential for new ways of communicating ideas, we must be at the dawn of some sort of new intellectual age. All of the brilliant teenagers growing up today, instead of just grumbling in their rooms, they're grumbling to each other, filling the world's databases with a trillion new ideas a day. Something worthwhile must rise up out of all this chatter.

"are you involved with them somehow?"

Not involved, just fascinated.

If I remember correctly one needs to be a member of a functioning anarchist collective rather than a single individual to affliate with them.

Ted: I provided a link to my source for that quote.

Thanks for your positive outlook.

Old Fogey
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