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Sunday, September 13, 2009


I Ching at the UCLA CAD Lab (1993)

I Ching

Please let me know if there are any problems
I-Ching Information
Do you strive to understand.....

Try to grasp the forces that affect your life.....

This document will perform an I-Ching reading for you. There is also
some additional information regarding how this program generates

Explore the power of prophecy and how it can affect you.
Concentrate on a problem or question facing you now, when you have it
well visualized, select the icon to obtain your reading.

Click here to cast the coins.

Jonathan Katz (at facade.com).

Additional Information: (yes, I guess I take submissions...)

Advanced I Ching: The Structure of a Well- Ordered Family
This is an unreviewed paper written by Terrence Payne.

Implementation Notes

Here are a couple of interestion notes on how our I-Ching readings are
generated. I tried to capture how a real reading was cast to the
highest degree possible.

In pursuit of the above goal:

* Lines are generated from bottom to top.
* Random numbers of 2 and 3 are generated to capture the proper
numerical symbology

Why are you here?!?!?

Jonathan Katz: A retrospective.



(About time, dont you think?)


Why Jonathan is disgruntled about his Web Server...

Well... My former goal of putting all information available at UCLA on-line
is essentially dead. InfoUCLA (an "official" group) is doing that. Perhaps,
one day, they will put up information interesting to students , but, either
way, they have made it clear that they do not appreciate me doing general
UCLA things.....

I have at least been getting good feedback on my Tarot Card, I-Ching, and
Biorhythm, servers, so, I dont feel totally quashed.


Major Factors in Jonathan's Life...

[Image] UCLA (as a student)

Current Classes (Summer 1995)
o Physics 6B
o Physics 8AL

Current Majors
o Cognitive Science
o Micro-Biology and Molecular Genetics
Do you really want to know?

[Image] UCLA (as an employee)

* Facility Manager, UCLA Computer Aided Design Laboratory
* Facility Manager, UCLA IME Product Design Classroom

Computers were a hobby, now I work with them as a job. You too can develop
skills to obtain a position in a thankless profession. If I studied
Cognitive Science, I would say that I am getting overcompensated which is
leading to a state of discontent and lack of feeling for initial inherent
enjoyment of computers that I used to enjoy. Sure, those psych models work
for other people, but, they couldn't be working on me....


Random Biographical Information...

[Image] 6'0", 156lb.

[Image] Brown hair & hazel eyes (look at the picture [:-)] )

[Image] Born: Feburary 20th, 1969 (bet you dont send email!)

[Image] Born/raised in Los Angeles (Like, in the valley)

[Image] Currently live in Encino (remember the song?)


Some Things I like...


Welp, I really don't have time now to throw in a biography, but, I guess
some obvious things to say are that I am a member of the The Magic Castle in
Hollywood, I have a dry sense of humor, and I like when people cook for me
(if you are considering this, I dont eat meat (eggs and cheese are ok) and I
dont eat mushrooms).


My current biorhythm is here for no other reason than "because I can".
The location of my birthday in PI is here for no other reason than "because
I can".

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