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Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I Ching Walking Your Path, Creating Your Future by Hilary Barrett

I Ching Walking Your Path, Creating Your Future - Hilary Barrett


Here is what Hilary has to say about her book:

This is a simple, practical I Ching for divination. It contains a translation of the older layers of the text, along with excerpts from the Wings (later commentaries) that I’ve found particularly helpful in interpreting readings. This is not an original, scholarly translation; I’m in no way qualified to write such a thing. Any value it has lies in its practical roots, in a decade or so of working as a diviner and mentor/teacher.

To get into the book, every interpretation and suggestion had to pass a basic ‘usefulness test': in all the situations I know of where someone’s received this particular hexagram and line, would this interpretation have been accurate and helpful? If not, re-evaluate its theoretical basis, rethink, go deeper, find the essence, and rewrite.


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